Top 4 Tips if You Want to Work at SkyCityCasinos

We all know that a good education improves your chances of a successful future dramatically. However, not everyone has the opportunity to further their studies. If you have a passion for the casino life and wish to pursue a career in the casino industry, don’t fret, SkyCity Entertainment Group might just have something for you.

The company owning nearly all operating casinos in New Zealand offers training for those who dream of becoming a dealer at one of their hotels and not only that, once qualified you could work abroad or on a cruise ship.

Not much is required to qualify, just good English and some mathematics. The training lasts between four to six weeks and consist of8-hour training days. If that doesn’t sound too bad to you, then see these 4 things to consider when furthering your education to becoming a professional dealer.

Are you a people’sperson?

Featured-PostImages-Top 4 Tips if You Want to Work at SkyCity Casinos-Are you a people’s person

Dealing in a casino can become tedious if you’re not a very social person. The job usually requires you to have some customer service skills to ensure all the guests having a good time while still abiding by the rules.


Featured-PostImages-Top 4 Tips if You Want to Work at SkyCity Casinos-Salary

It is important to note that it is unlikely that you’ll make a fortune as a game dealer. The salary ranging between 16 – 20 dollars per hour won’t make you rich but you’ll have fun trying.

Presentation counts

Featured-PostImages-Top 4 Tips if You Want to Work at SkyCity Casinos-Presentation counts

You should have a tidy appearance, so if the boho thing is your style then this might not be for you. To add to it you need to be good on your feet as standing long hours is a large part of the job description.

Shift work

The job is usually taken on as a part-time gig but if you are committed to making a living out of it then take note that shift work is a must. As far as I know no casino closes 8 pm.

Find out more about SkyCitycasinos and which one you’d like to work for or contactus today for any further questions regarding your career in the industry.